Friday, August 04, 2006


1. Steve got back from the warp tour he'll never let me go to... but because he's a nice nii-chan he bought me some stuff. a hellogoodbye poster, t-shirt, and their new CD that comes out tuesday X3 its soooo good!!!!

2. I still need to memorize the band music... I have most of para los rumbos and the others will be easier well the patriotic ones will be anyhoo XD but land of make believe and santana... I have part of santana memorized but its being EVIILL!!!

3. I have to take care of my neighbors cats... and my piano teachers... seriously don't ask ok

4. I have a day off tomorrow!!! so if you want to do anything except shopping cause I'm sooo out of money, give me a call ok

5. I've been working on a picture of this Emo dude, well my emo character XD Daren it looks ok... I just can't get the background right...

6. I saw the devil wears prada today... it was good not the best movie I've seen this summer but it was good... I thought that anne hathaway's boyfriend in the movie was HOTTTTTTT and he had a nice cute personality XD thats me lol always thinking of boys

7. I'm gonna make miso soup X3 and when I go to acme tomorrow I have to buy dashi/fish stock and my favorite kimchi ramen... yum... spicey food is good to cool you off in hot weather XD

8. I'm not going to try out for any sports

9. and I'm going to harass the anime club muahahahahaaaa and make them take me to a con lol

10. Daikon ish teh shiz XD

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Disclaimer: I have never and never will partake in drugs. The phrase "Go Smoke A Goat" comes from the bad hearing of Ali S. and I as we heard fellow members of the marching band say "Go 'stoga go" which was misinterpreted


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