Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sheep Sheep Sheep Sheep....

Sheep are like my favorite animals of all time now. I need to CG a pic of my sheep girl I created as the Monster under my bed. KIREI to KAWAIIIIIIII desu!!!!! X3

Julie and I went thrift shopping again today, we went to the palms and then we went to old friends which smelled kinda bad... My list of stuff this time is...
- jean skirt
- H&M shirt
- this adorable dress
- ruffly shirt
- red chain necklace
- scarf
plus julie got her dress for homecoming and more XD

Right now I really should be doing something productive like practicing or studying but I really don't want to grawr... holy shit they have naruto trading cards... now it's going down hill lol

I'm getting a headache now... I honestly can't concentrate...

I must buy JT's new CD and the Sweeny Todd soundtrack but noooooooooooo My parents don't want to take me till sunday

g2g its thundering

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Disclaimer: I have never and never will partake in drugs. The phrase "Go Smoke A Goat" comes from the bad hearing of Ali S. and I as we heard fellow members of the marching band say "Go 'stoga go" which was misinterpreted


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