Monday, October 02, 2006

otaku update

ShOjO BeAt
I just bought the new issue and damn was it good a brief overview of stuff

NANA- OMFG its ausome I can't believe she likes yasu omg I mean honestly yasu is BALD. BUt thats hachi for you. However with the other Nana she was over in Ren's suite and it was SO ADORABLE!!!!!
Ren: oh my god... what are you doing? Those roses look expensive.
Nana: You're a rock star, what do you care? Besides, flowers don't last, so I'm enjoying them while I can.
Ren: What a sad metaphor......
Nana: Then make it last forever
Nana: So, this hotel room is amazing. It's all yours? Is this like a suite?
Ren: No... I got the penthouse! This room's too big it's not comfortable.
Nana: It feels like when we used to live together...
Nana: So ren what's with our old place? It's just a waste, if no one's living there.
Ren: It's cool... that's where I got my start. Some day I'll buy it and when we ritire I'll go back there and live with you.
Nana: Don't you tell me how I'll retire...
Ren: When I was a kid, that building was an empty warehouse. I snuck in there after escaping that horrible orphanage... I strung a guitar I found and played all night. Even if you're not born with natural talent... If you play that much, you gotta get good.
Nana: You never told me that story.
Ren: I never told anyone. Never lit them see you sweat...
skipping a few lines XD
Nana: Ren... Do you really mean what you just said?
Ren: About what?
Nana: I've still got my pride, ya know... I can't just live with you like before. I mean I'd be into getting together like this sometimes to touch and talk and all that... and some day when I'm old... when my pride and vanity fade... and I get sick of singing... can I retire to that place with you? :sniff:

omg I just went ballistic XD sniff... I just love that scene sniff

Backstage Prince- I liked this one too it was a brand new story to SB I like it better than Kaze Hikaru I really didn't like that story honestly. Haha Ryusei is so cute though lol even when he's pissed off... maybe its one of those things you know but the final love scene was so adorable X3. I got really sad when Akari quit being Ryusei's assistant... he needs help since he is socially retarded lol even though he is prettyfull XD The part where she's like "kiss me" is kinda cheesy but kinda cute at the same time.

Vampire Knight- I was so sad that Zero is now a vampire :sniff: I thought he and yuki would be like bf and gf. I can't believe he bit her dammit. But the scene at the end was ausome... Zero tried to commit suicide and Yuki stopped him... it was so dramatic...

Absolute BF/ ZETTAI KARESHI- no comment... they KILLED GAku namikiri...

Crimson Hero- it makes me depressed...

Baby and Me- adorably emo... XD

NaRuTo mAnGa oNlInE

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