Saturday, December 09, 2006


My BRAND NEW Full metal alchemist the Movie Conqueror of Shamballa special edition 2-disc set came with a scratched dvd of the movie... I'm SOOOOOOOOO FREAKING ANNOYED!!!!! I've seen the movie before but I only saw it so long ago that I can't remember what part is what and I'm confusing parts of the series with parts of the movie and the movie is sooooooooooo good. Plus I got all this extra goodness with this delux thingy but if the movie is screwed up grawr!!!! Other than that I was pretty happy but it was in the scene where Alphonse heidric was coughing up blood and telling Edward to stop fantasising about returning to his own world and to stop being a pessimist about his sponsor for the rockets. Its such an emotional series. I think I cried at a few points in that series. It was when Major Hughes died, when Edward brought back Alphonse and crossed the gate, and when I heard Scar's story. I'm such a crybaby... just not in public... actually the only times I ever cried in public were when I broke my left arm... yes twice.

Soooo now I'm watching bleach... which is in fact gayer than naruto, yes GAY. Maybe thats just the way that the japanese write their screne plays yaaaaaaaaaaaaayz its the BBBBBIG hollow the Grande hollow or somthin but its pretty funny haha Ichigo's tactics for killing it are HILARIOUS!!!! huhuhu Edward looks so prettyful on the cover... awwwz what a pretty boy. Many people think he's sexy he is without his shirt... like in the last episode, nice and muscley. He's short though so if I ever cosplayed as him haha. OMG back to bleach coverage its called a a a a a!? URAHARA and the gang are there!!!!!! I heart him ooooooooooz its called Menos Grande it looks sexy... j/k j/k haha ichigo's gonna kill it and we get close to my belooooved Byakuya-chaaaaaaaayn lol. Urahara aaaaaaaalways know ALWAYS!!!! It reminded me of wicked the Menos Grande and Ishida's voice is REALLY ANOYING!!!! Its like from omfg DIGIMON omg I used to love that show!!! Damn that sexy Menos Grande haha j/k j/k... My arm hurts... Chad has an anoying ass voice too. Ichigo has a funny face ahahaha and his name means strawberry X3 kawaii nyo. Do dodododododododododdddddddddooooooooooooooooom bulatsuto nyooooooo. omg Ichigo is deflecting the doom blast. INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF SPIRIT ENERGY HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Urahara has nice pecks or really big moobs but since he's pretty skinny yeah... haha... MENOS GRANDE ISH DEFEATED K.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO's da boss??? Urahara's da boss!!!! Ichigo can't move... nnooooooooo he's gonna die and the gayfest begins when Ishida releases spirit arrows and his arm is all gorey. Ichigo's a big cuddly bear haha. Dramatic music. a break down. Gayness. drama. the end wow its been half a season... new ending no more "nobody knows who I really am" now its some japanese rap yo lol. The scary part is that it sounds cool like spanish rap.... EWWWWWW its kon!!!!!!!! Me BYAKUYAZZZ ish teh commin!!!!!! yaaaaaaaz!!!!!! I must stay awake to see if I DIE or NOT next episode when he and Renjiness come nyo. I wish I could buy stuff from itunes japan


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