Monday, December 18, 2006

WOAHZ Molly can write!!!

The figures came together and lights started to flicker in the street. Street lights around them went out with a bang, each light bulb’s filament had snapped in half from the enormous amount of electricity that surged from its wires. The cold snow had left no trace of these figures as if they had dragged large tree branches after their path. The group of figures stood still trying to sense if there was anyone watching. It would be extremely dark if not for the pure white snow that had held an extremely soft glow during that cloudy night with no moon.

“Someone has stolen it,” announced one of the conspicuous figures, ”Someone has taken our stone. If Corrine hadn’t have been slacking off while it was her turn to watch the stone our plan could have been a success, we would have been able to put it into the final stages tomorrow.” The small girl with short curly red hair and light blue eyes that were so light that you could swear that they were white became flustered.

“Well! If you hadn’t have skipped your shift, I had to cover for you! You dumb bastard!”

“I couldn’t go; my class at the school had been elongated no thanks to one of my most inquisitive students. He was asking questions without reasonable answers, AGAIN” The tall skinny stooped shadow had shouted in an exasperated breath. The other shadow had been listening with his eyes almost completely closed making him seem to look positively evil, which didn’t fit his appearance at all. This man was only two maybe three inches shorter than the tall gangly man. His face was handsome with his beautiful light green eyes. However you could only see one of his eyes because half of his face was covered with his parted bang. You could tell that this man was the leader of this trio from the way he stood.

“I state that you both are at fault, it’s your own damn mistake so stop bickering, we have more important business to discuss immediately!” hissed the man in a very frightening tone. His brow was now furrowed with frustration and anger. The other two immediately stopped verbally abusing each other and had started to listen to what this man had begun to talk about.

“Oh yes the stone, I had almost forgotten about that,” hesitantly stated the gangly man as if the meeting of the three had just started to begin.

“I would like each of you to look into this; we need that stone for our plan to be completed. I want you Corrine, to use Cerberus to help you track down some people that would be possible suspects for stealing the stone out from under us. You on the other hand please check for any abnormalities of the students in the schools.”

“Should we still keep vigil on the place where we had hidden the stone before the thief had filched it right from under us?”

“It isn’t exactly needed but if you find it to be a priority then do what you want to. However I still need you to use Cerberus for finding the man or woman responsible for this.”

The gangly man thought for a minute and was struck with an idea, “would you like me to inquire if any of the normal people around this place are in fact the person that committed this crime toward our organization?”

“The same as he told me dumb ass! Honestly how is it that you’re a teacher I will never comprehend why it is that you were considered a genius and not someone that needed some assistance while learning to do anything!”

“I just haven’t been getting much sleep lately! You wouldn’t understand since you don’t even have a job. Why do I even bother your just a child prodigy that will probably always pretend to be a quiet little girl unless we get the stone back and we precede with our plan,” The man was now in a very depressed mood because every time anyone had insulted his intelligence he became very upset. That had always been a sore spot because he had worked hard to be where he had gotten to in the past.

With a rustle the man with the beautiful green eyes had pulled out a wand holding it sternly in his right hand. His visible eye began to twitch in a frightening fashion.

“If you want to live then please SHUT UP!” The others just stared back in a frightening fashion, they knew they couldn’t stand up to him and defeat him even if they banded together into a tag team. They were both truly frightened even though it didn’t act as the focal point of their faces’ expression at that moment.

“You know how to contact me and if I hear anything bad I will definitely enforce punishment that you won’t want to live to see again.” On that note the three disbanded and went in three different directions. They still left no tracks left in the snow whatsoever. It would be hard to considering they were on broomsticks the entire time.

I know it sucks and it probably has more gramatical mistakes than anything you've ever seen but I want you to tell me what you think, this is just the prologue, I've written seven other pages


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