Sunday, February 04, 2007

yesh, it is almost three in the morning!

Why am I awake?
Because I am.
Otherwise I would be in a dream like state
thinking about Kogal guy runing toward Eyepatch
I think this suggests shounen ai
This is also like a song by the pillows
Well, Walking on the Spiral
now to end with a family guy situation that I can't seem to stop thinking about
"Brian! Chris picked his nose and is poking me with his finger!"
"Whats the good of mining moon gold if I can't share it with the villagers?"


Things you should know

Disclaimer: I have never and never will partake in drugs. The phrase "Go Smoke A Goat" comes from the bad hearing of Ali S. and I as we heard fellow members of the marching band say "Go 'stoga go" which was misinterpreted


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