Saturday, April 07, 2007


its like 12:34 AND my contacts are like still in. Here are some CLAZY thinks that happened today and I liek neeeeed to liek tell yeeee:

1. I DEVOURED 85% of my easter bunny and most of a container of American Dream icecream.

2. From number ichi I understand that you have assumed that I have lied about not lieking chococococlate however you must understand that when it is there I have a need to EEEEEAt it yo.

3. My spelling and what ever kind of error occuring in this post are liek... intentionalness to the first degree.

4. It is rather amusing

5. Today I was watching the NARUTTTTOoo marathon on cartoon network and even though it bugs the hell out of me I still watched because I love fish man and he was in liek three episodes and in like 12384024350983490 comercials and fishman makes me REALLY happy inside even though he has a GIANTTT sword that eats peoples chakra and makes them all ribonnyyyy as Kisame discribes. Did I reiterate enough about how much I LOOOOOOOOVE Fishy/Sharky-poo????! YEAHZ

6. I have a fecies load of homework to complete by monday. IT REALLY FUCKING SUCKS!!!!
a. Math test to study for
b. social studies note cards
c. Science test
d. 9 chapters of a book and review questions
e. Ghandi chart thing...
This MAKES ME GO CRAZY!!!!! GAH!!!!!!

7. I have this drawing of Naruto right in front of me that I drew but i'm not sure what to put in the background and it anoys the HELL out of me.

8. Wii Tennis rules my life!!!! I loooooooooove it quite much. Unfortunately my brother owns the wii cause his Girlfriend gave it to him for his birthday. He owes me since he said he only liked one of the presents I brought him back from Hawaii. It was the most expensive gift I bought too DAMN BROTHER!!!!!

9. Did I tell anyone that I went thrift shopping with Julie and I got designer stuff it was REALLY REALLY KEWAAsdlfkjalsdkfjasldkfaj I also got these smexy shoes by victoria secret from there.

10. THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC THINGER. I WANT TO SEE AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE: The Movie. Its AQUA TEEN YO!!! However my experience of happyness is hindered by the fact that the movie is rated:
I'm going to go cry in a corner...

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Disclaimer: I have never and never will partake in drugs. The phrase "Go Smoke A Goat" comes from the bad hearing of Ali S. and I as we heard fellow members of the marching band say "Go 'stoga go" which was misinterpreted


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