Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I really should turn off my computer right now

1. I really don't like thunder. I honestly thought there was a bomb that went off and it scared the crap out of me.

2. I have the majority of my homework done; like right now and its only 9:23pm. OH SHNAYUP!!!!! I totally had to force myself to do any of it. However now I'm procrastinating AGAIN. I really should study because I have two tests on Thursday.

3. I forget what I was going to write here... but I'll remember sometime in the near future, I hope.

4. Its so irresponsible that we can't eat in the courtyard because people cannot clean up after themselves. They should learn to clean up after themselves and not be obnoxious leaving their garbage outside. For those of us who do clean up and respect the courtyard are at more of a loss than those who do not.

5. I can smell my father's cigarette, I really don't want to close my window with the cool air coming in but the smell of tobacco smoke is so disgusting. I really hate how smoking is aloud in public. Its just plain obnoxious.

6. Is it just me or does the rain sound so relaxing? It makes me really sleepy which doesn't help when I need to stay at a conscious state.

7. I REALLY want a nintendo DS. If you have a used one and are interested in selling it to me let me know. I'd totally buy it from you.

8. Rigoletto was fabulous. If anyone wants to go see it I'd gladly go with you. The duke's voice was wonderful, oh what a voice! All of the actors were great; Rigoletto was even a little bit creepy. La Donna e' Mobile!

9. If there are any suggestions for the picture that goes with the post just let me know. I would be happy to draw one of your ideas.


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