Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conestoga's Next Top Model

So lets start with the worst model, Erin:

Erin has cool eyebrows and a pretty face in reality, but her modeling potential is zero. She can't sit still and every time her expression changes so does her posture! If you were to draw anyone, I would not recommend drawing Erin unless she was asleep.

Our next contestant and runner up, Beth:
Beth, a former aspiring hand model, is runner up for this competition. She could stay still quite well except for her mouth which would move in order to talk to Erin or laugh at the "In your pants" game. If you cover up her mouth and chin it looks just like her!

Here's Conestoga's Next Top Model Kelso:

Kelso's focus on Pokemon led her to the top. Though she had just 8 minutes left in Microbiology her hope of Pizazzles and newly released comic books kept her focused. Her facial expression could change, but it would always go back to what it was before and she wouldn't move, always keeping her pose. What does she win? The joy of being drawn well!

Hope you enjoyed this "special" post,

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